Verse for Today

May the LORD give strength to his people!
May the LORD bless his people with peace!

Psalm 29:11

My Posts from Yesterday
SSA Links
Eve Tushnet: “The Body & Society” Notes Pt 2: Against Celibate Privacy

“For a lot of gay people today trying to live out Church teaching, the lure of the private world is especially strong. If you’re struggling to piece together a life of love and fruitfulness, but you’re not married and not called to (or accepted into) religious life, you may end up spending an unusual amount of time alone. Being by yourself can mean solitude–being in the desert with God. But it can also mean isolation–the slow crafting and hardening of a private world. The temptation to resentment is especially intense in a culture where marriage and family are idols and celibacy is denigrated, mocked, or treated purely as a deprivation. The temptation to dishonesty, with oneself and others, is especially strong in church cultures where being openly gay is often treated as inherently sinful or uniquely shameful.” So true.

Other Christian Links
Catholic Authenticity: Two Things We Mistakenly Believe Are Ours

A relatively in depth examination of the roots of the Catholic Church’s social teachings. “If you actually read the social encyclicals of the Church you find that there is a remarkable continuity, not only between Popes but also between the sexual and the social teachings.” Question to ponder: Do you agree that “The social doctrine of the Church calls us to realize that this exact same paradigm [the Theology of the Body] drives all human relations – and therefore it defines the social dimension of our humanity”?

Christianity Today: Translating the N. T. Wright and David Bentley Hart Tussle

I shared N. T. Wright’s review a few days ago; Hart has now replied; Christianity Today has now covered the spat. (Thanks to Wesley Hill’s early review for bringing Hart’s translation to my attention in the first place.)

WaPo: The new and improved Bible for evangelical Trump supporters

Obvious satire ahead: It is past time that evangelicals stop letting the Bible dictate how they feel about things. This nonsense book full of terrible, outdated opinions has kicked them around long enough, and it is good that they are taking a stand and making some updates. . . . It’s one thing to argue . . . that we live in a world where you can never find anyone who will live up to your standards, and therefore justice must be coupled with mercy. Absolutely. But it’s another thing to abandon the principle itself.”


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