TLQ: “Why Homosexuality is Not My Struggle”

Language matters. The words we choose matter. I used to mention “my struggle with same-sex attraction” all the time.

Not so much these days. Anthony at The Liturgical Queer explains why.

“If someone tells you they are gay, all they have said is which gender they are attracted to. They haven’t told you which people, if any, they are lusting after. . . . I avoid discussing my gayness as a ‘struggle with same-sex attraction.’”

And then there’s this absolutely brilliant paragraph:

When traditional churches fail to distinguish between gay orientation and a specific desire for intercourse with the same sex, it leaves gender and sexual minorities with ambiguous shame. Rather than proclaiming a robust, historical sexual ethic in which non-married people are called to manifest God’s Kingdom in their celibacy and possess an inherent capacity to love the same sex intimately, LGBTQ people are hurt wondering why their non-heterosexuality is singled out as a special class of disorder.

We need to remember that Christians are called to be chaste; they’re not called to be heterosexual.

I really admire how Anthony has so succinctly and pithily described much of the life to which he and I are called, the vocation of celibacy, and how his vocation is—and, even more importantly, is not—related to his sexuality.

Read more at the original post.

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