“Classic” LGBTQ+ Christianity
Gabriel Blanchard’s “Queer Identity” Series on Mudblood Catholic
LGBTQ+ Christianity
Gay & Evangelical: Friendship and Love

I want this kind of friendship and love described in this post so badly. It is what’s missing from my life—and without it the celibate life is far less viable than it should be.

Spiritual Friendship: Who actually cares whether Jesus said anything about gay relationships?

“If the person isn’t willing to accept the teaching of Jesus on other similar matters, then the point about gay sex is just a smokescreen. . . . Quite a few conservatives make many of the same mistakes thinking about divorce and remarriage that revisionists make thinking about gay relationships.”

Amen to every word of this! As a celibate gay Christian who’s always worshiped in relatively conservative churches, the inconsistency on which you write has always deeply troubled me. I remember bringing it up to a pastor once—Why do we accept into our membership people who divorced for reasons other than extramarital affairs by their former spouse and have remarried, but do not accept people in same-sex marriages? How are those two things different? I do believe there is a fundamental difference between opposite-sex marriage, which follows the biblical pattern even when it fails in its specifics, but I deeply sympathize with the revisionist who would point out how same-sex “marriage,” while failing to follow the biblical pattern can potentially get so many more of the specifics right!

I still believe, though, that instead of compromising on the definition of morally acceptable opposite-sex marriage while holding steadfast in opposition to same-sex marriage, the far better course is exactly what you suggest: “What if instead of abandoning Christian teaching, including the direct teaching of Jesus, we dropped the assumption that marriage is always an available and moral solution to the problems of loneliness and sexual desire?

Lead Them Home – Words Matter: Shaping the Faith & Sexuality Conversation

I’ve discussed labels before, and this isn’t a conversation that’s going away anytime soon. The words we use truly do matter. I like the idea, near the end of this, about adopting the language of “posture shift.”

Joshua D. Jones: You Have Gay Blood on Your Hands


Christian Colleges Are Tangled In Their Own LGBT Policies

As Wesley Hill writes on Twitter, “From my experience speaking on this topic at various schools, I’d say this piece captures the mood on many Christian campuses very accurately.”

Chris Damian: For the Christian Gays and their “Conscientious Objectors”

“‘Conscientious objectors’ who do nothing more than repeat the same objection again and again can become tiring for writers.” And you have to check out Chris’s Google Docs template! He writes: “I hope this . . . helps to expose the utter failure of many Christians to really delve into the depths of Christian teaching. If a Christian response to another’s personal life can be inserted simply into canned response on a spreadsheet…” (What fun is it to be gay if you can’t also be a little snarky? 😂)

Lead Them Home: Does Acceptance of LGBT+ Loved Ones Equal Approval?


Lead Them Home: 4 Lessons on Prayer from an LGBT+ Person
  1. We serve the God who values voices
  2. Pray from God’s perspective
  3. Pray honestly
  4. Never stop praying
YOB: Finding Your Brotherhood

In this episode, Tom asks whether we have someone to whom we are bonded in such a way that our “threefold strand” with Christ is not easily broken. I must admit: I don’t have such a person in my life. Lord, will you provide such a man for me?

Russell Moore: Should the Church View Homosexuality Like Divorce?

This is a helpful post that draws distinctions between biblically acceptable divorce and remarriage versus unacceptable forms of the same. It also helpfully distinguishes between even morally unacceptable forms of opposite-sex marriage versus same-sex “marriage,” which does “not reflect that cosmic mystery.”

Uncomfortable Podcast: “It’s One of the Great Tragedies of Our Moment”

This is a fabulous interview with Collin Hansen.

Ethan Renoe: Men & Their Emotions

“May we be men who are honest enough to emote fully. May we learn to be vulnerable and expressive.”



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