A Conversation with Julie Rodgers & Wesley Hill

City Church San Francisco hosted a conversation featuring Julie Rodgers (Side A) and Wesley Hill (Side B) a couple years ago. I’ve already listed it on my Audio & Video page, but felt it deserved further unpackaging.

A few takeaways that stick with me most of all:
  • “Gay people love Jesus. We want gay leaders because they have something to offer us.”
  • “It isn’t just in marriage that you find commitment and intimacy.”
  • “A lot of what I feel ashamed about is actually not what the Christian tradition condemns.”
  • “Some of the pain I’ve suffered can be united to the Cross. . . . The power of God was operative when Jesus was weakest . . . that’s the Cross. . . . That’s where God is saving the world. That’s where I place my hope and find meaning.”

The one question that lingers with me most after watching this is whether conceiving of a gay orientation as a “disability” indeed perpetuates shame over it. In the past, I’ve found it helpful to think of my sexual orientation the way I imagine someone who does not have use of their legs thinks about that. Both being sexually attracted to the same sex and being wheelchair-bound are not a part of God’s intended design for the universe; they’re results of the fall. But is being either a sinBy no means! But if a person with a mobility handicap identifies themselves as “disabled,” does that perpetuate shame? I’m not sure.

Check out the video here.


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