I will be traveling for the next week and therefore unlikely to post until the week after. The next edition of weekendlinks will come on May 19. Thank you for your patience!

LGBTQ+ Christianity
Spiritual Friendship: Celibacy – Tragedy or Deep Comedy?

My friend Kevin Slusher has written a terrific reflection on celibacy and its relationship to the mystery of the Gospel. I especially resonated with this: “When I tell others that I am called to a life of celibacy the most common responses I receive are those of pity and sorrow. No one has said, ‘Congratulations, we are so happy for you!’ No one has shrieked in joy, thrown their arms around me in a giant hug, or secretly planned a party to celebrate my permanent bachelorhood. I haven’t gotten gifts of blenders and spatulas, bath towels and bed sheets.” And I am especially encouraged by the hope that we who are committed to celibacy will indeed enjoy “the last laugh of eternal joy.”

Steve Gershom: Conversation 1 – Wheat and Tares

I think much of what is labeled homoeroticism here is really just same-sex nonsexual intimacy as it is meant to be.

Mark Yarhouse: On Listening . . .

This is a book I want to read when my schedule frees up!

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