After a week on the road, I’m back! “Happy weekend” indeed!

LGBTQ+ Christianity
Kevin Slusher: To Walk in the Light – An Embodied Witness

Whenever I publicly invite others into my story (it hasn’t happened yet—“Aaron” is a pseudonym!), I hope the way I do so is half as beautiful as the way Kevin has: “I feel called to offer my life to the Church in the hope that my embodied witness might give glory to God. And so I invite you to walk along the street of love with me. I would love to walk along with you, if you’d have me. And let us together seek the face of God.”

Theology in the Raw: David Bennett – Gay Activist Turned Christian

I highly recommend this most recent episode of Preston Sprinkle‘s podcast! David Bennett’s thoughts on submitting our desires to obedience are golden. (If you’d prefer the audio podcast rather than the YouTube video, you can find it here.)

YOB: When the Masculine Ideal Failed Me

“It’s a culture that says a ‘manly man’ has sex with many women while homosexual sex is disgusting. The Church may generally wag their finger at premarital sex, but they seem to shrug it off in a ‘boys will be boys’ sort of way while condemning homosexual sex as the worst sexual act imaginable. Isn’t all sex outside of marriage sin? Regardless of what kind of sex it is?”

Lead Them Home: Interview with Nate Collins about Revoice 2018, Bill’s workshop, and the Sexuality/Faith conversation

I am very excited for Revoice in July!

Spiritual Friendship: New Resource Published

Mark Yarhouse introduces his newest book, Listening to Sexual Minorities.

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