“Classic” LGBTQ+ Christianity
Mere Orthodoxy: Can Christians be gay? An Inquiry

‘By orienting ourselves wholeheartedly toward goods, we can crowd out—or severely diminish—the strength that wrongs have over us. By attending to and focusing on what is lovely, true, and worthy of affirmation within the cluster of thoughts and desires that come with occasionally or frequently experiencing same-sex attraction—being ‘gay’—while simultaneously affirming the order which God has established, gay Christians are attempting to establish the very conditions which Roys and Strachan would want to affirm, namely the possibility that disordered desires would fade away. If nothing else, the gay Christian strategy (of the Rodgers and co. variety) is at least biblical in this respect: it takes Paul’s admonition to attend carefully to “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…excellent or praiseworthy.”’

LGBTQ+ Christianity
Revoice Preconference: Spiritual Friendship’s Learning to Desire Love

If you’re going to Revoice, consider also attending the preconference! And if you’re going, you’ll see me there! Contact me if you’re interested in meeting, since “Aaron” is a pseudonym I use for the purposes of this blog and I’ll be attending Revoice under my actual name. 😊

Greg Johnson: A Reply to ‘Queer Culture in the PCA?’

IMPORTANT! Greg Johnson, lead pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, the host venue for this summer’s Revoice conference, replies to a harsh critique of Revoice in the Aquila Report: “Is there anything admirable that we can acknowledge within the literature, art and struggles of “queer” culture? From a biblical perspective, what is redeemable—what evidence of the imago dei is present within the literature of that movement? What longings does one find in “queer” art and film that point to a bigger need for God? Reformed folks, you should expect to ask this question. You were trained to ask this question. Don’t get shocked when we ask this question. We ask this question of every culture. It is a question and not an endorsement.”

Traveling Nun: Are Celibate Gay Christians Allowed to Have Pride?

“On the one side, we’re shamed for being gay. On the other side, we’re shamed for abstaining from sex. It can sometimes feel like we’re nothing but a disgrace to our communities. . . . An overwhelming number of people in the church continue making troubling statements like, “There’s no such thing as a gay Christian,” or “Being a ‘gay Christian’ is an oxymoron.” Such statements relegate an entire class of people as beyond the reach of God’s grace. But God’s grace extends to all people, including gay people. To say anything less, for whatever linguistic or philosophical or ontological reasons, denies the Gospel of Christ.

Desiring God: I Left Same-Sex Romance for Love

“My life, however, is sustained by a resounding yes, a yes that is only found in Jesus Christ. Like a diamond that weighs down your hand, that makes you avert your eyes for its rainbow brilliance, coming to know Jesus has continually revealed just how dingy, superficial, and man-made the things were I used to consider treasure.”

NPR: Americans Are A Lonely Lot, And Young People Bear The Heaviest Burden

“Loneliness has health consequences.”

Kevin Slusher: “Friendship Is”

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