Sexual sin makes prayer impossible.

Jean-Claude Larchet, Elder Sergei of Vanves

“Classic” LGB+ Christianity
First Things: Three Kinds of Friendship

“Spiritual friendship involves properly ordered affection. God must be loved above all, and all other loves subordinated to Him. Friends should encourage each other to love God and neighbor rightly, and cherish each others’ love in the degree proper to their situation.”

LGB+ Christianity
Lead Them Home: About Those REVOICE People

“Widespread criticism of Revoice might lead some to conclude that an insurgent rebellion is underway within the Church. Accusations have been nothing short of astonishing — and sad. This is no revolt. Revoice is about refuge for Christian brothers and sisters.

Ron Belgau’s Most Recent Response to Denny Burk
Spiritual Friendship: Rosaria Butterfield, Sam Allberry, and Christopher Yuan on Temptation and Sin

Is it sinful to be tempted?

YOB: Why I Like “Queer Eye”

“The Fab Five experienced Christian love in ways they’d never experienced, too. And we want to experience that love in the same way.”

Covenant: Feelings, Justice, and Reason in the Sexuality Debates

“There are still Christians — a fairly small minority among Episcopalians, to be sure, but a large majority among Anglicans worldwide, as well as in the larger Catholic and Orthodox worlds — who hold the conviction that homosexual activity falls short of God’s plan and ideal for human acceptance of the gift of sexuality, and that sacramental marriage makes coherent sense — biblically, theologically, and rationally — only when one partner is male and the other is female. . . . Still, it’s a tough slog for those who espouse the received teaching on marriage. They may have the unified witness of Scripture, tradition, and reason backing them up, but in this era of video sound bites what is that against an anguished story of two people who love each other and just want to be able to say so publicly in their church, with their priest, surrounded by all their supportive friends? In the face of such a story, no biblical, theological, or rational argument in support of the traditional understanding of marriage can, to most people, seem anything but churlish, at best, if not positively wicked and hate-inspired. It’s seems that there is now little or no room for daylight between the most irenic and civil proponent of the traditional definition of marriage and the placards in a Westboro Baptist Church demonstration.”

Ancient Faith Ministries: The Church and Homosexuality – A Meditation

I don’t agree with everything in this post, but I do appreciate how it challenges its readers to think through their presuppositions. “Broad nuptial themes that permeate Scripture are the key to a meaningful treatment of sexual differentiation in human nature and how that bears on Christian theology, cosmology, and morality. The Church has never before faced anthropological and moral heresies of the scope we’re seeing today. Much hard work is therefore required from those bishops, pastors, and theologians who, in the face of the zeitgeist, would maintain the integrity of the Faith and an untroubled conscience. The elements are all there in our tradition, but they need to be more fully unpacked and synthesized.”

General Christian
Christopher Benson: On Christian-year spirituality

See especially Chris’s recommended resource list of readings for Advent and Lent!

In the News
The Salt Lake Tribune: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir gets a gay conductor — on one night

This is a significant signal.

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