I am at Revoice this week! Can’t wait to share more about it, but in the meantime here’s some additional reading for you . . .

LGB+ Christianity
The Christian Post: Speakers for LGBT Christian Conference ‘Revoice’ Defend Event

Be sure to see page 2 for defenses from Wesley Hill, Bill Henson, and Ty Wyss.

Alan Jacobs: do not make room for the devil

“I had thought that ‘not making room for the Devil’ was the very principle I had followed in giving up my favorite recreation, but if Manny was right I was accomplishing the opposite of what I hoped to accomplish: I was ceding territory to my Enemy — an enemy who does not give territory back. By going back onto the basketball court I was putting myself in moral danger, wasn’t I? Surely I was. But what if the alternative to moral risk, especially for Christians, is ceding spiritual territory you can’t get back? . . . Ours is not a spirit of fear.”

Orthodoxy in Dialogue: Same-Sex Love and Orthodoxy – Two Pastoral Case Studies

“I did not believe that there was a place in the Church for same-sex couples. Yet I was appalled by the priest’s callous disregard for the humanity of a young gay couple, the reality of their love for each other, their sincere appeal for help from a man of God. More than 30 years later I am still haunted by the emotional and spiritual trauma that this trusting young couple must have suffered at the hands of this priest.”

“Get out.” There has to be a better way. There has to be a better answer.

David Bennett: A gay-rights activist leaves his old life behind

David Bennett shares his personal testimony. I look forward to reading the expanded version of this in his forthcoming book A War of Loves.


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