My Evolving Definition of Terms

Two of the most persistently popular posts on STRENGTH OF HIS MIGHT are my Definition of Terms post and my follow-up to it, “How Do I Answer My Own Questions?” Following some personal realizations at Revoice18, I knew I had to slightly amend the latter, and following a recent Facebook conversation, I have added to the former as follows.

Gabriel Blanchard, who invented the “Side Y” label, commented in a recent Facebook discussion that “I’ve wondered at times about the real usefulness of the [Side Y] term; I coined it because I wanted to do justice to people who weren’t comfortable with LGBT language, &c., but who weren’t advocating ex-gay treatments (since I consider ex-gay treatments both stupid and nasty, I’m reluctant to claim somebody supports them, without serious cause to do so). At times I’ve felt silly coming up with a whole additional moniker for it.” He provided an alternative set of parameters to mine above and gave me permission to represent them graphically:

Blanchard Sides Table
This table represents “the sides” based on four criteria: morality of sexual expression, the concept of sexual orientation, LGBT+ identities, and orientation change.

The similarities and differences between the four sides may be easier to recognize when represented like so:

Blanchard Sides, Yes or No
Notice that Side B is the only position to answer each statement in the affirmative. Interestingly, Side A and Side X at either end of the spectrum agree on the concept of “sexual orientation.”

As I continue to refine my own thinking through study and prayer, I will continue to update these posts. I pray that my own process is useful to you in carefully considering your own sexuality and that of those you love.



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  1. Thank you. Very helpful charts to clear up a complex situation!

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