LGB+ Christianity
Intersect: My Hope for Spiritual Friendship and Revoice

“I hope the stakeholders in Revoice will one day find churches so full of love and truth that they see no compelling reason to keep offering this conference. Until then, denominations, churches and para-church ministries have a significant and rewarding work ahead of them.”

Jesus Creed: Wesley Hill, Spiritual Friendships

Scot McKnight reviews Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship: “Let us agree (1) that friendship as a common art, friendships between males and friendships between females, has fallen into neglect and (2) that there are more than solid theological and biblical grounds for resurrecting friendship by Christians, among Christians, among the church and among Christians and those of other or no faiths. What would it look like?”

TLQ: Celibate Gay Couples Understand Marriage Better Than You

“In attempting to criticize LGBT+ people as unorthodox, conservative Christians reveal their own unorthodox definitions of marriage. . . . Just because two vocations resemble one another in specific ways, doesn’t mean one is imitating the other. . . . The celibate partnered Christian isn’t imitating marriage; you just misunderstand it.”

LGBT+ Christians with a traditional sexual ethic are usually more conservative than their theological gatekeepers.

YOB: Side B Friendships are Hard

“I click and connect with these men so much more easily than straight men.”

the incognizant: Infinite Truths and a Lie

I recognize this sentiment: “I’ll never trust a straight guy ever again.”

TGC: Feeling Courageous While Sexually Compromised

“What if we feel courageous for “holding the line” against same-sex marriage or homosexual behavior when, in reality, we’ve fallen prey to wrongheaded cultural assumptions that have infected our thinking and practice without us ever realizing it? . . . When marriage manuals with marital advice or romance boosters treat sex as a need (similar in some respects to food or water), we are more Reichian than we care to admit. . . .

“Christians are right to resist the sexual revolution’s casting off of moral restraint and our society’s redefinition of marriage. But our resistance is futile if the fortress of Christian thought has been hollowed out from the inside—still standing but with thin and fragile walls—as we hold fast to biblical sexual restrictions that seem increasingly arbitrary and will eventually crumble under the new plausibility structures we already share with the world.”

Holding the line on same-sex marriage while succumbing to other aberrant views of sexuality is not Christian faithfulness and is not “courageous.”

Mark Yarhouse: Coming Attractions

Mark Yarhouse has two forthcoming books: Costly Obedience and Sexual Identity and Faith.

General Christian
Young Adults Respond

“We are not a movement. We are not a formal organization. We are simply Catholic young adults based in the Twin Cities who want to respond to the crises facing our Church. We focus our response on four areas: prayer, education, dialogue, and action.”

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