“Classic” LGB+ Christianity
Spiritual Friendship: My Early Teen Years

Some takeaways:

  1. Acknowledge to our covenant children that it’s possible for a Christian kid to grow up and find that they are attracted to the same sex—through no fault of their own.
  2. Expose Christian children to gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians who are celibate and in mixed-orientation marriages and living lives of chastity. Teach children (and the rest of the Church!) to esteem them as exemplars of faithfulness to Christ.
  3. Teach Christian children that being a sexual minority is NOT cause for shame.
  4. Provide support in chastity to young people who experience same-sex attraction.
  5. Encourage the LGBTQ+ youth in your congregation to come out of the closet. Demonstrate that your church is a safe place for them to be open, honest, and transparent.
  6. Resist the culture-war narrative surrounding same-sex marriage and LGBT activism.
  7. Combat loneliness, for all people. Foster community intentionally.
LGB+ Christianity
Spiritual Friendship: How to Evade the Real Issues

“There are legitimate concerns surrounding identity, and in particular how we are to view ourselves as Christians. And those of us who contribute to Spiritual Friendship are fallible humans who may get these questions wrong at times. But I’ve found that at least in some cases, there is more going on than the “iron sharpens iron” discussion I would hope we can have.”

Jackie Hill Perry: You Are Not Your Temptations
  1. The identity of a saint: You are not your temptations.

  2. The identity of the church: You are not alone.

  3. The identity of God: He is better than you can imagine.

General Christian
CT: What Are Evangelicals Afraid of Losing?

I don’t normally get political on this blog, but . . . “Swinging from triumphalism to seething despair, many pastors are conveying to the wider, watching public a faith in political power that stands in sharp opposition to everything we say we believe in. To many of our neighbors, the court chaplains appear more like jesters.”



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