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I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you’re a Christian who is same-sex-attracted or identifies as LGB or are here because you’re a fellow believer who wants to understand us better, here are some of the resources I recommend.[1] I’ve highlighted resources I have found particularly meaningful in bold.

My Favorite LGBTQ+ Christian Websites & Blogs
  1. Spiritual Friendship: Musings on God, Sexuality, Relationships
  2. Wesley Hill: writing in the dust
  3. Kevin Slusher: Thou Art Lightning and Love
  4. Meditations of a Traveling Nun
  5. Chris Damian: University Ideas
  6. Eve Tushnet
  7. Gabriel Blanchard: Mudblood Catholic, “a conscientious objector in the culture war”
  8. The Liturgical Queer: Perspectives from a celibate, gay Christian
  9. Gregory Coles
Active Christian Websites & Blogs
Ministries & Organizations
Inactive Websites & Blogs
Non-Christian Websites & Blogs

I also recommend specific articles and posts here and online audio and video resources here.

1. Please note that my recommendation does not necessarily mean my endorsement of everything included in these resources, but if it’s on this page I think it’s helpful at least to think through.

2. I hesitate even to list Gagnon here because his tone toward Side-B believers has been so hostile, but he is a gifted theologian who offers helpful critique of the Side-A perspective. 



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  1. Thank you! This is really helpful.

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