I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you’re a Christian who is same-sex-attracted or identifies as LGB or are here because you’re a fellow believer who wants to understand us better, here are some of the resources I recommend.[1]

My Top 5 Books




Online Resources

Articles and Essays

Audio and Video

People/Groups to Follow on Twitter[2]

For further resources, I highly recommend, a repository of articles, books, podcasts, and blogs from the Side-B perspective—they do what my resource pages do but more extensively.

See also the list compiled by Jason Tong at his blog, Liminal Glory, for an extensive list of resources from multiple perspectives (Side A, Side B, Side O). Click on “A LGBTQI Christian Resource List” in the menu header.

A third list of resources related to homosexuality from a Roman Catholic perspective can be found at the Chastity Project.

[1] Please note that my recommendation does not necessarily mean my endorsement of everything included in these resources, but if it’s on this page I think it’s helpful at least to think through.

[2] This is where it gets questionable, I’ll admit, but Twitter is also a great way to connect with the online community of nonstraight Christians and our allies. I’ve made a cursory effort to include mostly those who will advocate for “Side B” or “Side Y” positions, but thoughtful proponents of other positions are included, too—because dialogue is important.

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