I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you’re a Christian who is same-sex-attracted or identifies as LGB or are here because you’re a fellow believer who wants to understand us better, here are some people and organizations with which you may be interested in connecting on Twitter.[1]

Twitter is a great way to connect[2] with the online community of nonstraight Christians and our allies. I’ve made a cursory effort to include mostly those who will advocate for “Side B” or “Side Y” positions, but thoughtful proponents of other positions are included, too—because dialogue is important. Obviously, I can make no guarantee of the theological orthodoxy or quality of what these dear people post online, but I have found each of them helpful in unique ways.

And, of course, follow me!

[1] Please note that my recommendation does not necessarily mean my endorsement of everything included in these resources, but if it’s on this page I think it’s helpful at least to think through.

[2] In a relatively anonymous way, if necessary.

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